The world is truly a beautiful place. As graphic artists, we see the beauty everywhere we look. It inspires us. Encourages us. And helps shape the many artistic projects that endlessly flow from our own colorful minds.

Not only does the world inspire us; we inspire each other. Artists feed off of other artists’ design energy. It fuels our creativity and sparks our passion. The end result is a planet full of designs as varied in style and substance as the artists who created them. And that’s where we come in.

DesignFaves.com was born in 2013 looking to unite the world’s absolute best design and visual culture under one roof. That’s why we have our eyes focused on art anywhere and everywhere we look, so we can share our favorite designs with you regularly.

Our daily posts and exclusive articles marry the very best modern expressions and innovations from the Branding, Art and Graphic Design worlds. Looking for something more? Not to worry. We’ll even give you a taste of the wider visual arts, resulting in a truly comprehensive view of the design world.

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At DesignFaves.com, we live to inspire. We’re inspired to design. And we hope you are too.